Group Leader Moderation Document

We want you to make the most of your time spent creating content in groups. These are the resources mentioned during our leader training which can and should be shared out with group members.

  1. Redefine your group’s rules and guidelines in the designated area on the app within the scope of the NEW Alignable Group Rules & Guidelines
    • Consider the group member’s perspective and what drives group engagement
    • See how to update the rules and guidelines of your group here
  2. Take note of common technical violations that trigger Alignable’s anti-spam & security moderation system
  3. Educate group members on creating “valuable” content specific to Alignable
    • Group members expect you to use your objective judgment to ensure quality of the group forum 
  4. Educate group members on avoiding “spam behavior”
    • Group members are expected to create original content intended for business networking
  5. Links are generally permitted
  6. Share the Content Creation 101 article written by Alignable co-founder and CEO Eric Groves directly with group members 
  7. Ensure group members are using reporting features and blocking feature for spam or security issues 

As moderators, the below “pillars” are the guide for judging content:

Networking-Focused Pillars ✅

  1. Posts that are original, personalized and relevant to the group 
    • Please ensure that your post is clearly tied back to business networking and on-topic for the forum i.e. “Boston, MA” or “Construction Professionals” 
    • Using your real, authentic voice goes a long way in building trust!
  2. Posts written to encourage community participation 
    • Create engaging posts that inspire your community to join the conversation 
    • This is not the time for a sales spiel! Focus on providing value for fellow business owners when stepping up to mic
    • Don’t forget to engage with fellow business professional’s posts by leaving a comment! This is a great way to learn the culture of a new group 
  3. Posts that inform the community how they can help introduce you to referral partners and ideal clients 
    • Be sure to introduce yourself when joining a new group in addition to contributing to existing discussions
    • Update folks on your business, and how they can work with you in a mutually beneficial way. What goes around comes around! 
  4. Sharing of Alignable Events Information
    • Drum-up interest for an Alignable approved or sponsored event! 

Spam or Security Risk Pillars ❌

  1. No posting of advertisements, solicitations, plugs for products, services, brand partners or promotions unless explicitly stated 
    • Avoid “shameless self-promotion”. To advertise on Alignable, check out our community sponsorship opportunities 
    • Write in your “authentic” voice as opposed to an “infomercial voice” 
    • Products and services can be added into your business profile so that potential connections can review your business value proposition.This includes digital creations such as blogs, art and music 
  2. Avoid spam-like behavior, such as copy and pasting posts into multiple Alignable forums or from other social media websites 
    • Please ensure your posting cadence is not “bot-like” 
  3. To ensure your safety and to reduce spam, please refrain from posting your contact information into a group forum 
  4. Refrain from off-platform calls to action for sales purposes 
    • This may include non-Alignable event links, phone numbers, email addresses, calendar links, QR-code and social media links 
  5. Content inappropriate for business networking as defined by Alignable’s terms of service & conditions


Please continue to provide your feedback regarding this training and what you would like to see in the future directly to Brittany with the group leader email you were given in training.

We are so excited to continue working together!

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