Does Alignable cost anything?

Welcome to Alignable! As a new member, you are started off with our Explorer membership.

Our Explorer membership is free and always will be. With the Explorer membership, you get to connect with 10 local businesses a month, the ability to share any events or promotions to your network, and access to the largest forum of small business owners!

The Explorer membership provides access to the nearest 500 businesses in your local area. If you’d like more local connections, or even the ability to connect with any of the 3+ million other businesses on Alignable in the US or Canada, we do offer upgraded plans that give you greater connectivity, visibility, and advances insights on your reach & engagement.

Feel free to check out what each membership offers here:

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If you have any further questions about how our memberships can help you hit your goals, please contact your Alignable Coach via the link below:

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