Group Leader and Member Moderator Moderation Guidelines

Key Points 

  • Establish, maintain and proactively articulate your group’s culture in writing 
    • No hidden or unspoken rules or guidelines
    • While Alignable Trust & Safety is always working behind the scenes, you own your group’s moderation practice
    • Alignable Trust & Safety reserves the right to make final decisions on moderation decisioning
  • Adjudicate posts according to group & Alignable rules and guidelines
    • Be objective, no ulterior motives such as hiding a competitors posts
  • Select moderation message category to ensure education is automatically sent

Specific common Alignable “hide” triggers in posts

  • Advertising language and images 
  • Posts greater than 1000 words 
  • Political words/phrases
  • Religious words/phrases
  • Contact information
    • Phone number, addresses 
  • Non Alignable event links
    • Smart Connects and profiles are the only approved link
  • Spam behavior 
    • Copy paste is the big driver here

Shareable Resources

Alignable content creation guide

Groups Rules and Guidelines

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