Does Alignable offer sponsorship or advertising opportunities?

Alignable members can purchase a sponsored placement in our bi-weekly, local community Newsletters. Currently, there are 2,000 local communities that offer sponsorship opportunities and Newsletters are sent to every business in a community. Members have the ability to purchase sponsorships in any community with a Newsletter. For instructions on how to find the Newsletter, click here.

Sponsorships include placement in the Newsletter as well as exposure on the My Community and Home page. Members can sponsor their business profile/referral card, a product/service, or a promotion/event in the Newsletter. Newsletter pricing varies and is based on the size of the local community, however, all paid members receive a 50% off discount on Newsletter sponsorships.

Newsletter sponsorships regularly drive profile visits, referrals, and new business leads. It's an excellent way to showcase your business and stand out. Here are examples of how sponsorships are presented in the newsletter:





Referral Card


Sponsorships must be submitted by 3pm EST the Friday before the Newsletter is sent out. To learn more about the Newsletter or purchase a sponsorship, click here.

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If you have any questions about the newsletter, you can contact your Newsletter team here:

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