Alignable Groups Rules & Guidelines

Alignable groups is the place where business professionals come to build genuine relationships through community networking. Whether you’re seeking to connect with ideal clients in your geographic region, fellow industry professionals in your field, or potential cross-field referral partners who share your ideal clients, contributing to a community forum allows you to become known, liked, and trusted at home and abroad. Your peers are here on Alignable!

Participation in group forums through "value-adds" in the form of providing education, advice sharing, story-telling of the day-to-day business professional experience among other other creative strategies to engage your community is the key to unlocking the magic of Alignable’s networking-first approach. 

In order to maintain our business networking culture, we have established a few forum ground rules for the benefit of all Alignable members. Content that violates these guidelines may experience delays in publishing, or complete removal - 


  • Write in your genuine, professional voice
  • Write original and relevant content for the group you’re posting in
  • Observe the group’s rules and procedures
  • Take a business networking approach to content sharing
  • Let the community help introduce you to referral partners and ideal clients
  • Support others by leaving a constructive comment on their post or liking their post
  • Report content, members, or businesses that violate Alignable’s policy


  • Post your contact information (i.e. phone number, address, email, etc.)
  • Post content over 1000 characters
  • Copy and paste from other social media platforms
  • Post sensitive, detrimental, or offensive content
  • Post non-Alignable links intended to lead members off of Alignable for sales purposes
  • Post advertisements or solicitations into the forum

Groups are moderated by group Leaders, Co-Leaders, and Moderators, and group members can also report inappropriate content. Personal insults, verbal attacks, and offensive, disrespectful, or abusive messages are never tolerated on Alignable and may result in removal from the group or from the platform. Alignable’s terms and conditions apply.

Additional Support

For specific examples of content that does well on Alignable, please see our posting 101 guide with our co-founder and CEO Eric Groves. 

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