Alignable Groups Rules & Guidelines

Alignable Groups is a great place to network with other small business owners in your area, in your industry, or with similar interests to discuss and share experiences, customer referrals, advice, insights, and more! That said, we created this list of dos and don’ts to keep this a valued resource for all members:


  • Respect others
  • Ask for help or advice
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Show what you know by adding a comment
  • Like and share great advice from others
  • Assume good intentions
  • Connect with people who have been helpful
  • Report inappropriate comments


  • Add a signature (email, website, phone number) to your comments. Your profile is already linked to your answer or question. 
  • Post political, controversial, or misleading questions
  • Post outside links to blog posts or surveys
  • Post links that solicit members off of the Alignable Platform
  • Post a non-Alignable link that directs folks to leave the Alignable group or community website for purposes of solicitation, advertisement or promotional reasons
  • Promote your business unless it is specifically allowed by the group
  • Use obscene or inflammatory language or hate speech
  • Share private information (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.)
  • Rant about non-business-related issues

Groups are moderated by group Leaders, Co-Leaders and Moderators, and group members can also report inappropriate content. Posts that fail to follow group Rules & Guidelines are subject to deletion. Personal insults, verbal attacks, and offensive, disrespectful, or abusive messages will be edited or deleted at our discretion. Repeated violations may result in your account being deactivated.

Example Groups Rules & Guidelines

  • You must be (a woman business owner || a portrait photographer || a seller on Etsy) to be a member of this group.
  • Be kind, positive, encouraging, and supportive to your fellow members.
  • Self-promotion is not allowed, except in your introduction post.
  • Please only share relevant content.
  • If posting a link, please provide a brief summary and why members might find it valuable.
  • We value your participation! You'll get so much more out of the group if you participate and connect with the other members.
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