How do I make my business look reputable on Alignable?

Complete Your Business Profile

People need to trust you in order to send referrals your way. So you'll want to get your business ready to receive referrals by completing

This will educate Alignable members, potential clients, and referral partners about your business, your ideal customers, what kind of businesses you’d like to meet, and why they should trust you. This also helps others send the best referrals your way.

Start with these sections of your profile:

  • Add your ideal customer 
  • Confirm your business category 
  • List your products and services 

Helpful Profile Resources:

Bring your existing network into Alignable.

Sync your email address book to find out who is on Alignable that you already know.

Once connected, not only are they the most likely to refer you to others, but you can ask them to recommend your business, helping you project even more trust to other businesses and potential referral partners.

  • Connect your address book
  • Find out if we support your email provider
  • Learn more about collecting recommendations

Show you support other businesses.

When you recommend another business, we'll show those recommendations on your business profile.

By recommending businesses you trust, not only will other business owners trust you if you are an integrated part of your community, but if they see you've worked with businesses they know, they'll trust you even further.

  • Recommend 3 businesses you know 
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