How do I Spotlight a Recommendation on my Profile?

Spotlight is a Premium feature that allows Premium and Premium Plus members to highlight one of the recommendations they received at the top of their profile with the purpose of showing profile visitors why they should trust your business. Paired with your business name, your featured tags, the number of connections you have, and the number of recommendations you've collected, you quickly answer who you are, what you do, that you are a trusted business, and WHY people trust you.

Note: You can only Spotlight recommendations that have a recommendation reason. Recommendations without reasons will not be given the option to Spotlight.

If you are already Premium or Premium Plus and would like to Spotlight a written recommendation follow these steps:

  1. Find a recommendation you want to spotlight.

    Find the Recommendations Received section of your Business Profile:

  2. Select one and click Spotlight

    Pick the Recommendation you would like to Spotlight and click away!

  3. You've spotlighted a recommendation!

    Voila! You have a Spotlighted Recommendation at the top of your profile:

Consider reaching out to the business that wrote your spotlighted recommendation and thanking them for their contribution to your profile!


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