How should I complete the ideal customer or ideal referral partner section of my profile?

Having ideal customer and ideal referral partner details on your profile helps other businesses on Alignable understand if you are a viable referral partner. If you share customers, there is likely a way to share referrals.

These sections are how Alignable helps to suggest different businesses for you to connect with. This is also a key component of how you are matched with other businesses on Smart Connects.

Editing Our Ideal Customer

Click Here to edit the Our Ideal Customer on your Business Profile.

Here is Alignable's Ideal Customer Description as an idea:

Small and independent business owners and employees who are interested in connecting with others, building trusted relationships, and unlocking access to resources needed for greater success.

  1. Click on the purple Edit button on the top right of the Our Ideal Customer block

  2. Select your Customer Type 

  3. Select Customer Location 

  4. In a few short sentences describe who your ideal customer is. This will allow other businesses on Alignable to know you and thus if they would like to build a relationship.

  5. Next, you'll want to select your tags for your ideal end consumer or your end customer.

  6. Click Save to save your changes.

Editing Ideal Referral Partner

  1. Click on the purple Edit button on the top right of the Our Idea Referral Partner block:

  2. Type a description of what types of businesses you can send or receive referrals from. Think about who you've sent or received referrals from in the past.

  3. Next, you'll want to add the tags of the types of businesses that you can share referrals with. Adding these is important as it will also help Alignable when suggesting businesses to connect with.

  4. Click Save to save your changes.

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