Creating an A+ Business Profile on Alignable

Maximizing Referrability is the goal.

To project maximum trust, you'll not only want to complete your profile, but you'll want to answer specific questions that businesses who might want to work with you will want to answer.

  1. Who are you?
    • Confirm Your Business Name - You added this when you created your account, but make sure it is correct and accurate.
    • Add an About Us & How We Got Started description - it will help others understand why you started your business and your track record.
  2. What do you do?
    • Add a Category Tag - describe how you want others to find you. (E.g. Accountant, Lawyer, Web Designer). Add it here.
    • Add Featured Tags - describe what your business specializes in two tags (e.g. Marketing Agency, Web Design, and SEO, etc). Add them here.
    • Products & Services - listing products and services will not only drive visibility, but it will help others understand what complementary services you could partner in referring to others. Add them here.
  3. Who are you looking to be referred to, and why?

    If others know who your customers are, they will quickly know if they can help you reach those customers. Because of this, you'll want to answer:

  4. Who are you looking to be referred to?
    • Ideal Customer Description - describes the types of individuals or businesses you want to be referred to. Add it here.
    • Who we want to be referred to - if you sell to businesses, list the categories of businesses you sell to. If you sell to consumers, leave this blank. Focus on the types of businesses you want to work with. Add them here.
    • Partners we can share referrals with - describe the businesses that can help you reach your ideal customer through partnerships and co-promotions. Add it here.
  5. Ok, I know who you are. Why should I trust you?

    You've created a great profile and now others understand who you are, what you do, and who your customers are. Next, you'll want to focus on enhancing your profile to project trust. And the best way to do that is to ask people who know you to recommend you. Getting Recommended:

    1. Connect to the businesses who know and trust you.

      The people who know you are the most likely to recommend your business. Click here to find and connect with everyone you know.

    2. Recommend your network.

      The best way to get recommended is to recommend others. Once you've connected with those you know, send them a recommendation. They'll want to return the favor. Remember: Only recommend those businesses you know and trust. Find businesses to recommend here.

    3. If at first you don't succeed, ask people you know for recommendations.

      If for some reason people you know don't recommend you, just ask! Send them a quick message here.

  6. Further Maximizing Trust on Your Profile

    You've completed the essential parts of your profile so far. However, if you really want to maximize your referrability, you'll want to complete these additional sections of your profile:

  7. Extra Tip!

    We cannot stress the importance of making sure you connect with everyone you know. Not only does it help you get recommended but it also helps project trust:

    • Focus on building your network: The more people you know, the more people you can refer to others. If others see that you have a large network, they'll want to connect with you.
    • People will look to see who you both know: If we know some of the same people, I'll want to work more with your business. By connecting with everyone you know, Alignable will help surface any mutual connections you have with others.
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