Alignable Recommendations - Overview

What are Recommendations?

On Alignable, you can "recommend" another business profile as an endorsement or an expression of support of this business. Every Alignable profile has two sections denoted for "Recommendations Received" and "Recommendations Given." When you have recommendations on your profile, other Alignable members can see that you are trusted and referred by other local businesses in your community. Recommendations can help your business attract connections who will potentially hire your business.

A good rule of thumb for Recommendations on Alignable is the 5+1 Rule.

The 5+1 Rule has two components:

5: Getting and Giving 5 Recommendations is your starting point for building a profile where you stand out as a trusted resource in the community

+1: Setting yourself a goal of adding one recommendation and review each month to a business you know.

How do I get Recommended?

The easiest way is to get recommended is to connect with people you know. We've made it easy to find the businesses you know through Alignable's contact finder. There, you will be able to see everyone you know who has an account, and everyone you know who does not have an account who you could invite to join your Alignable network. When you send out connection requests and invitations, the recipients are also prompted to give you a recommendation.

Click here to see your existing network:

You can also get recommended on Alignable by reaching out directly to other users! You'd be surprised how many of your connections are willing to exchange recommendations once you get to know them.

Once you receive a recommendation, there are a few different ways you can say thanks to the member. Check out this Help Support article for more details: What should I do when another business recommends me? 

Who should I Recommend?

If you're unsure about who to recommend, think about which businesses in your local community you would recommend to a friend or client. This is a suggestion for how to think about recommendations but it certainly isn't the rule. However, we strongly discourage users from recommending businesses they don't know or aren't affiliated with. Please avoid sending out recommendations to businesses you don't know as it can be confusing and misleading to the business owner and other members on Alignable.

How do I Recommend a business?

To recommend another business, see this Help Center article for more details: How Do I Recommend Another Business?  

How do I edit my Recommendations?

For editing your recommendations, please review the articles below for more details:
Can I edit a recommendation after I make one?

How Do I Reject or Ignore a Recommendation?

How Can I Add Recommendations from External Sources to My Profile?

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