How to delete posts on Alignable?

Editing or Deleting a post on Alignable is really easy. You'll simply want to find the post and via the post tools. You can find your post by going to the My Posts page. If you posted it recently, you can also find it by going to the place where you create the post, either in the home feed, group, or local discussion. 

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Log into your Alignable Account

  2. Navigate to your Profile by using the My business drop down (▼) at the top right of the screen (by your profile picture)

  3. Click on the My Posts page on the top sub-navigation bar or by finding the post where you recently created it. 

  4. Click Edit on the post you'd like to update or delete on the right-hand side of the post.

  5. A popup window will appear where you can make changes to the post. 

    • To edit, make changes and click Save on the bottom left hand corner.

    • To delete the post, click Delete in the bottom right-hand corner.

  6. Click Ok to confirm deletion of the post if you are deleting


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