How do I Post to my Neighboring Community Groups?

NOTE: Posting to Neighboring Communities is a feature for Premium, Premium+,Pro, and Elite membership subscriptions only.

Participation in community groups through "value-adds" in the form of providing education, advice sharing, community updates and story-telling of the day-to-day business professional experience is a key way to unlock the magic of Alignable’s networking-first approach to building relationships. (Communities are not forums to advertise your business.)

Before Posting Remember:

  • Write in your genuine, professional voice
  • Write original and relevant content for the community you’re posting in
  • Create posts in a conversational format that are meant to get others to start a conversation
  • Go and engage with comments on your posts! Posting and ignoring isn't helpful.


  • Post your contact information (i.e. phone number, address, email, etc.)
  • Post non-Alignable links intended to lead members off of Alignable for sales purposes
  • Post promotional content (ads, specials, deals, etc. - those live in your profile)

Communities are moderated by group Leaders, Co-Leaders, and Moderators. Members can also report inappropriate, spammy, or off topic content. 

Instructions to Post into a Community or Group

  1. Log into your
  2. Navigate to
  3. Select a Community you would like to post into
  4. Click into the Start a Discussion box
  5. Type your post & add an optional image
  6. Check the Nearby Communities box
  7. Click the down arrow ⛛
  8. Select the communities you'd like to post to
  9. Click Post

Please Note: Posting content that violates Alignable's guidelines including but not limited to profanity, hate speech, vulgarity, and the like will be moderated and hidden from the feed and may result in removal from the group or from the platform. Alignable’s terms and conditions apply.

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