AI Powered Post Rewording

Starting in the summer of 2024 Alignable is starting to give our members the option of an AI assistant to help rewrite posts that may appear to be promotional or advertising in nature.  These re-writes are intended to help you create better discussions in the groups you are apart of group to generate more engagement resulting in more conversations. 

Per Alignable Group Guidelines, advertising and sales is not allowed within our group forums. This type of content can be shared on your profile, or with your current connections. Groups are for meeting new people and growing your network, not for sales. Group discussions are for giving advice, asking questions, sharing new tools, tips and relevant news. These should start conversations in the comments.


When creating a post that our systems detect as promotional, you will see a screen letting you know that the post is not allowed.  From here you have 3 options.

  1. You can ask our assistant to help you reword your post.  This will create a new post that uses the information in your current post and adds to it, making it more engaging and ensures it fits the group guidelines.
    • If you choose to use the re-write tool, you are able and encouraged to add or update the post in your language.  You should not use the suggested post verbatim. 
    • We recommend checking the text and adding spaces and line breaks for maximum readability.
  2. You can share this post with your network (your current connections) for them to see on their homepage.
  3. You can report an issue with the systems by selecting "Report an Issue" 

The original post was "Have you heard about Zoom AI note taking?  Its great, everyone should use Zoom AI for note taking. Its also free! WOW!"

Even though this person doesn't work for Zoom, they are promoting the AI just as a product salesman would. 
Cyndora would click post and see this box letting her know that the post was promotional and it gives her the three options for moving forward. 

image (8).png


See the full experience of the GPT rewrite in the video:

See the full experience of choosing to post to your connections here:


Cyndora selected the back button here and she still has the option to  "Help me reword my post" or edit her original message. 
image (7).png

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