My employee is being blocked from joining Alignable, how do I troubleshoot?

There are a few reasons that someone may be having issues joining your team on Alignable.

  1. They already have an account with that email address
      • If the employee already has an account, they must deactivate their account before you can add them to your account as a team member. 
  2. They started to set up a profile with their information but never finished
  3. They can't sign up because their phone number is associated with another account
  4. New sign up and they were denied verification due to a foreign IP (outside of US or Canada)
      • The foreign employee can only be added as a team member to an existing account where the main user or "face of the business" is located and operating within the US or Canada.

        In order to have a foreign IP allowed on the platform, we must grant you express written consent, after you provide:

        1. the reason a foreign IP allowance is necessary 

        2. length of time the ip needs to be active (vacation stay or indefinite)

        3. proof of their affiliation with the North American business

        4. Legacy Premium, Legacy Premium+,  Pro or Elite Membership on the account is required
          **Reach out to Support with the above information. 

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