Why are my messages or conversations not loading on Alignable?

Possible reasons for why your messages may not appear:

    1. Your internet connection is running slow.
      • Check your internet connection and refresh the page if necessary*
      • At times, the messages page can take a few seconds to load, and having a slow internet connection can impact the site's ability to load your message threads.
    2. Alignable messages are being blocked by your Internet service provider (ISP).
      • If you continue to have issues loading your message threads and did not have success solving the issue with the solutions above, a block may have been put in place by your ISP over the server where Alignable messages are stored.
    3. Consider the following:
      • Where are you trying to access your messages from?
        • A company computer or work internet connection?
          • Try using a mobile device or home connection instead
        • Using WIFI?
          • Switch to 5G or cellular data
        • What browser are you using?
          • Chrome works best with Alignable
      • If using another internet connection does not work, contact your ISP directly.

Messages sent on Alignable are currently kept on a secure Google server, separate from the rest of our site. This means that while the rest of the site may load, your messages may not. By providing the appropriate server name/URL - Your ISP should be able to whitelist the Messages domain. This will allow messages to load going forward.

Here's the domain that must be whitelisted: https://firestore.googleapis.com/ By providing the above information, your ISP should be able to resolve this issue.

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