What are Connection Credits?

What are Connection Credits? 

Connection credits are the currency you use on Alignable to send connection requests to other member businesses. 

How many Connection Credits do I have and When do I get more?

How many Connection Credits do I have and when do I get more?

Connection Credit FAQ:

  • The number of connection credits, you receive depends on your membership.  
  • Monthly connection credits do not roll over on a month-to-month basis.
  • Paid members get more credits on the renewal of your billing period every month.
  • Accepting a connection request does not use a connection credit.

Why do we limit Connection Credits? 

We've found that the members who find the most success are those who take the time to strategically and thoughtfully send connection requests. Connection limits are put in place to incentivize members to make the most out of the connections they receive by sending quality introductions to the business owners they'd like to meet. Ultimately driving more value and more growth for our members. 

You should only send connection requests if you want to form a relationship with another member.  The connection will allow you to see more of their profile and send messages back and forth.  Once you form a connection, it is very important to nurture it into more.  

Please do not send connection requests to sell your products, not everyone needs them, however if you form a relationship, someone they know may need what you offer and now you have a warm introduction that comes with trust.  

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