How do I craft a winning connection request?

On Alignable, first impressions are most often connection requests. What you send can make or break how the rest of the relationship goes. Customized connection requests have, on average, a 30% higher acceptance rate. So take the time to craft and send meaningful messages to boost your response rate, build meaningful relationships, and kickstart your referral engine - what are you waiting for?

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Do your homework.

    You just found someone who’d be a great addition to your network - that’s great! The beginning of your relationship on Alignable actually starts before you send a connection request - it starts by you doing a little research. Take a look at the profile and ask yourself:

    • How can my business add value?
    • Do they have any great recommendations?
    • Maybe you have a connection in common.
    • Maybe they have an upcoming event that you may be interested in.

    Use these bits of insight as icebreakers in your connection request - demonstrating that you care and will be a valuable addition to their network.

  2. Be Genuine.

    You’ve done your homework, so you’re now ready to start connecting. Using the questions you asked yourself when looking at the business profile, you’re now armed with some great icebreakers. Here are some example connection requests that will help you boost your response rate:

    When they have a great recommendation:

    "I was just looking at your profile and saw your most recent recommendation, it was fantastic, you must be really great at what you do. I’d love to connect to hear more about why you are so highly recommended and how we can work together (P.S. I only exchange referrals with businesses I know I can trust and recommendations go a long way).”

    When their industry complements yours:

    "Hi! I was browsing Alignable and I saw that your ideal customers are businesses in X industry, that’s great - most of my clients are in X industry as well so I’d love to connect to see if we can exchange referrals.”

    When they have an upcoming event:

    "I was browsing the community calendar and I saw you have an upcoming event - I’d love to get involved! Let’s connect to see if there is a way we can co-promote your event”

    No matter what you send, if you are adding value and being genuine you are taking the right steps to grow your network in a meaningful way. If you are ever questioning what to send, just try to ask yourself what connection requests really work for you.

  3. Demonstrate Trust

    You’re sending awesome connection requests!  But they’re going to look at your profile to check out what you do and most importantly your reputation.

    You’ll want to make sure your profile looks great and is up to date with your latest featured products or services, detailed ideal customer, and most importantly all the recommendations you can muster. Recommendations received showcase trust others have in you and those you’ve given show you’re willing to refer customers in return.

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