Is Alignable spam? Will alignable sell my address book?

Is Alignable Spam?

Alignable is not SPAM nor will we sell or share your private business contacts with third parties. Alignable is an online referral network for small business owners. You can learn more about us in the article below. 

Why is my address book receiving emails? 

When you join Alignable, to find current business connections that are already members of Alignable, you have the option to connect your email address book. This step is completely optional and you do not need to complete it to use and enjoy an Alignable membership.

When you do so, we will show you a list of people who are already members, and a list of people who are not members. You can connect with those you know and invite those who are not on Alignable to join your network. If you do not want to import your address book, simply hit skip. You can always review your existing referral opportunities later.


If you decide to connect your email address book, you maintain 100% control over who you connect with and which people in your network you want to invite via email. We do not sell this information. See our Alignable Privacy Policy.

For a more in-depth look at how to use your address book to further your word-of-mouth referral opportunities, watch the short video below.

Connect your address book for referral opportunities

How adding your address book to Alignable works.

  1. When joining Alignable as a new member, you will receive a prompt to search for the people that you already know on our small business platform.
  2. After you connect your email address book, your address book will run against our small business database while we look for matches. 
  3. From there, we organize the data you provided into two groups- those businesses who are currently on Alignable and those you can send an email invite to join the network. 
  4. Next, you’ll select who you want to send invitations to. "Invite All" is pre-selected for your convenience. If you’d like to refrain from messaging all your address book, de-select this box at the top screen and manually select businesses one-by-one.
  5. Lastly, connections that click your invitation link will receive a prompt asking them to recommend your business when setting up an account. They’ll also get an “Invited By [Your Business Name]” link on their page that may generate extra traffic to your profile while showing how well connected both of you are to your community. 

That’s it! We make it as easy as possible to leverage your existing network on Alignable.


If someone you know is already on the Alignable network, you can send them a "connection" request. Connections already found in your address book do NOT use a connection credit. This is another benefit of connecting your address book to Alignable. Happy Networking!

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