How Do I Edit the Tags on My Profile?

Click Here to edit your Category, Featured, and Service tags on your profile.

There are a number of different types of tags you can add to your profile to better customize your Alignable experience. Click on the type of tag you want to learn more about below:

Category & Featured Tags


At the top of your profile, you can add one Category Tag and two Featured Tags. These will not only be showcased alongside your business name all over Alignable but they’ll also be featured on your Referral Card when it is sent to both members and non-members!

When thinking about what Category and Featured Tags to add, think about your Category Tag as your main Category, and Featured Tags what you specialize in within that category. For example, in the image above, Phil is a Marketing Consultant and he specializes in Branding and Customer Service.

Click Here to edit your Category & Featured Tags on your profile.

Our Ideal Customer Tags

In the Our Ideal Customer section of your profile, you are given the option to detail what types of businesses fit your customer types, and which kinds of businesses you'd like to work with. If you are confused as to what to add in this section, think about it like this: 

When you are creating referral or co-promotional partnerships, you are partnering with another business to reach your end ideal customer. Given this, you'll want to detail your end ideal customer in the Our Customer Types section, and then list the businesses you'd like to work with to reach that end, ideal customer, in the Who we're interested in working with section. 

This will help other businesses looking at your profile know whether or not you are currently looking to work with businesses like theirs.

For example, in the image above, Zola Marketing listed that their ideal customer were restaurants, florists, coffee shops, and banks. And he is looking to work with accountants, lawyers, videographers, photographers, web designers, and social media agencies. 

If Zola were to partner with a social media manager, for example, the social media manager could send restaurants looking for additional marketing consulting to Zola. And when Zola has a restaurant that is looking for someone to manage their social media channels, he can send them to the social media manager. Helping both businesses grow in their new partnership.

You can edit your Ideal Customer section by clicking the Screen_Shot_2019-09-19_at_1.10.51_PM.png button.

If you are ready to edit your Customer Types and

Who we want to work with tags, Click Here .

Product & Service Tags


In the About Us section of your profile, you can also describe the Products and Services you offer using tags. By adding Product and Service tags, you make it easier for members looking for the services you offer to find you through Search, the My Community page, or the My Network page. 

You can add or edit existing service tags by clicking the Screen_Shot_2019-09-19_at_1.10.51_PM.pngbutton in the About Us section of your profile.

Click Here to edit your Service tags on your profile. 


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