Can I merge two or more duplicate business accounts on Alignable? How can I remove a duplicate account?

If you are looking to merge accounts, it's possible that you, or a team member, may have unintentionally created multiple accounts for the same business. On Alignable, profiles are made to represent businesses and not individuals, which is why we've built functionality for you to be able to add multiple team members to one business profile. That being said, you'll want to make that you only have one account representing your business to avoid confusion to those you are networking with.

Managing Multiple Locations

In the scenario that your business has multiple locations, consider creating different business profiles for each location. Then you can add each location's respective team members.

Can I Merge Accounts?

While at this time accounts cannot be merged, we’ve outlined steps for you to consider so you can ensure you only have one account below. Start by choosing the account you would like to keep, and which accounts you would like to deactivate. To do so, consider the following:

  1. Consider the overall activity and engagement for each of your accounts. Consider the number of connections, recommendations, referrals, and general engagement each of the accounts is receiving. If one of your profiles has over 100 connections and another only has 5, you'll want to keep the one with more connections for more referral opportunities. The same applies to recommendations and referrals. Connections and referrals cannot be transferred between accounts.
  2. Consider the progress of each profile. Filling out your business information on your profile is easy. However, to save some time, consider keeping the profile that already has most of your profile filled out, including your businesses' about us information, products and services, events and promotions, gallery images, banners, contact information, and more.
  3. Consider questions asked and answered by each account on the Advice forum. When you post expertise on Alignable, it can lead to consistent traffic to your business profile. If you deactivate the account your posts will also be deactivated.

Once you've chosen which account you would like to keep and which ones you would like to deactivate, start by deactivating the duplicate accounts. This will ensure that when you add those team members to the main account, they can use the same emails for the business account you are going to keep. Currently, each account needs to have a unique email.

Can't access one of your accounts?

If you have trouble logging into any of these accounts, consult how to reset a password. And if you no longer have access to the email address used for the account, you can recover access to an account you created following these steps, or that a colleague representing the same business created using these steps. You'll know who owns which account by the name listed in the Our Team section of each profile.

Next Steps

Once you've deleted all duplicate profiles, ask the admin of the remaining profile to add the other team members as admins. You can learn how to do so here:

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