Delete and Deactivate my Alignable Account

Before Moving Forward, Please Note The Following:

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Open the "My Business" dropdown in the upper-right hand corner and click "Account"
  3. Click "I want to permanently deactivate my business account" at the bottom of the page under the "Save" button.
  4. Complete STEP 1 (Why you are deactivating your account)
  5. Click "Next Step"
  6. Enter your password for Step 2 (Security Verification)
  7. Click "Next Step"
  8. Click "Deactivate Business Account" to finish the deactivation process.
    Note: If you have multiple accounts only the account that you are currently signed in to and actively deleting will be deleted.   

Click Here to start deactivating your Alignable account.

These instructions will delete and completely deactivate your Alignable account.  If you would like information deleted in accordance to DSAR please see: How can I remove or download my data from Alignable?

Video Tutorial:


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