How can I edit "The Face of the Business" for my account?

What does Face of the Business mean when it comes to your business on Alignable?

Every team for every business profile will have a Face of the Business. This is the primary account owner and is by default the creator of the account. The Face of Business will be the person who's headshot will appear when a business sends another business a connection request or a recommendation. And only the face of the business can deactivate the business profile.

You'll know who is currently the Face of the Business by which member is at the top of the Our Team section of your profile. If you'd like to change who is the face of the business:

  1. Find the Our Team section on the right-hand side of your profile.
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2019-08-14_at_11.59.48_AM.png on the team member you would like to make Face of the business.

  3. Toggle Use as the face of the business. If you click Edit User on the team member which is already the face of the business, you will not see the option to change it to that member. 

  4. Click Update User


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