My Canadian postal code is not being accepted by Alignable.

Alignable aligns our database of Canadian postal codes and U.S. zip codes based on Google Maps and their API. New codes are added everyday and it is possible yours has not made it into our database yet.

How do I troubleshoot this problem?

  1. Try adding your postal code with no spaces

    Canadian postal codes are written with two, three character sets (E.g. M6E 1A5). However, U.S. zip codes are just one character set. Because of this difference, our database may still recognize your postal code if you try using it with no spaces (E.g. M6E1A5).

  2. If step #1 does not work, we'll need to add your postal code to our database manually.

    To have your postal code added to our database so that you can use it to sign up or change your address on Alignable, please .

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