How do I create an account for an additional business on Alignable?

Alignable only allows one business to be represented per Alignable Account.  You may have more than one team member per account but each business must be individually listed in its own account.

  1. Create a unique account for the second or third business account
  2. Each account must be managed separately as they are different businesses and unrelated accounts
  3. You may not use the same email address to start a new account
  4. Start your new account

Only want to manage one account?

We suggest you represent the parent organization with its own unique information and detail the parent company's involvement in the other businesses in the "About Us' description of the profile.

  1. For Example: Financial Acumen LLC is the parent and the "about us" section in the profile showcases the different companies within the parent.  Such as Linda's Financial Advising, Smith & Co. Accounting Services, and 3 Sons Retirement.
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