How can I see who has viewed my business on Alignable?

Deep insights are a Premium, Pro, Elite and Premium Plus Membership feature only. To see who viewed your business: 

  • Go to your business profile

    • Go to your business profile by clicking on the My Business (▼) dropdown and clicking Visit My Business Profile.

  • Click on Insights in the top ribbon menu.

  • View Clicks Carousel.

    • The Click menu will show you who has clicked on any of your pages, profile, sponsorships, responses to posts, or profile updates.

    • You have more detailed information on how the member found you, who they are, and the option to connect or message them.

  • Views 

    • This graph shows how many views you are receiving over a period of time

    • You can see the breakdown of where the views are coming from such as your network, sponsorship, etc. 

Now you'll want to make sure you check in on these insights regularly.

Remember, if they checked your business, they might be interested in working with you, so it doesn't hurt to make sure you reach out to them to see where that connection might take you.

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