How do I create a Group Chat?

Alignable's chat feature offers the option to create Group Chat message threads between up to 30 of your connections. They are a great way to either start a discussion, collaborate on a co-promotion, or even coordinate an event in your local community.

  1. Log into Alignable 

  2. Click the "Messages" button in the top navigation bar.
  3. Click "New Chat" in the top left part of the messages page to start creating your group chat.

  4. A menu will appear, so you can find and pick the specific connections you are looking to add to your group chat.

    ***To add connections, you can either pick and choose from the suggestions list, or you can search for their name or business name 

    ***To remove group chat members from your selection, click Remove, below the headshot of the person you are looking to remove.

  5. (Optional) Name your chat

    ***This group name and all messages will be visible to everyone in the group, so choose a name that describes what the chat will be about.
  6. Click Create
  7. Once you send your first message to the group, participants will receive a welcome message 
  8. Don’t spam participants! You could be reported and risk damaging your reputation and even risk removal from the platform.  
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