Alignable Glossary 📖

Networking and Connecting

Your Network consists of businesses that you have connected with and businesses within any imported address book.
Connections are the businesses that you have connected with and added to your Network.
To send a Connection Request to a business you will need to use the button labeled "Connect" or "+Connect."
Connection Requests
If you find a business that you know or you would like to get to know you can send them a Connection Request and request to be added to their Network. Connection Requests will require Connection Credits.
Connection Credits
On Alignable, you can use connection credits to send connection requests to other member businesses. You'll get more connection credits at the end of your billing cycle. If you have the free basic Explorer membership you will get more credits on the day of the month of which you joined Alignable. For paid members, it's the day of the month that you upgraded, which you can see here. Everyone starts with 10 but if you want to earn more, our memberships boost your visibility and allow you to connect anywhere in the United States and Canada.
Pending Connections
Before you reply to connection requests, they will be categorized as Pending Connections until you reply to them.
If you receive a connection request from someone you wish to connect with you can add them to your network by clicking "Accept".
If you receive a connection request from someone you would not like to connect with you can ignore their request by clicking "Ignore".
Connection Sent
After you send a connection request to a business, this business will be marked as Connection Sent on your profile to show that you initiated this connection. 
The act of recommending another business to a customer, client, or business.
Core Referral Network
Your Core Referral Network is made up of businesses that you have exchanged recommendations with.
Recommendations are key to your success on Alignable. Recommend the businesses you know and trust by clicking "Recommend."
If you import your address book, we can show you which of your contacts are business owners that are both on and off Alignable. If you see someone with the button "Invite" it means that they have yet to join and you should invite them and add them to your referral network.
Add All
If you import your address book, we can show you which of your contacts are business owners that are both on and off Alignable. Clicking "Add All" adds all of these contacts to your Alignable network without forfeiting any of your connection credits!

Alignable Tools and Features

"My Network"
The "My Network" page consists primarily of the "Grow My Network" feed: An endless list of businesses that you can connect with. You can also find the businesses you already know on this page.
With Messages you can send direct messages to any business you connect with.
"My Business"
By clicking on My Business you can find your Alignable profile. Your profile will serve as the hub for all of your referral activity.
Community Manager
Each community has a dedicated community manager that is there to help you with any questions you may have about Alignable.
"My Membership"
Alignable has a number of different membership options that will allow you to accelerate your networking.
Referral Activity
Referral Activity is the activity or the actions that you take that can be shared to send referrals your way. Ex. Products & Services or Events & Promotions.

Your Community and Local Area

Local Area
Alignable is all about connecting with the businesses that are in your Local Area. Not all local areas will be the same, they are defined by a radius and the density of businesses nearby.
Your Community is the city or town you live in. In less dense local areas, you will be able to connect locally with all the businesses in your Community as well as a radius. Your Community will also be notified of all the updates of your business.
Networking Radius
Your radius is how we define your Local Area. You can upgrade to our Premium, or Premium Plus Membership Plans to expand your radius.

Your Profile

My Business
By clicking on My Business you can find your Alignable profile. Your profile will serve as the hub for all of your referral activity.
Ideal Customer
You should describe your Ideal Customer on your Alignable profile to help businesses know who to send your way and who to refer you to.
Products & Services
Products & Services can be added to your profile and when you add a new product or service we will notify both your Network and Community.
Events & Promotions
On Alignable, we make it easy to share any upcoming events that you have with your entire network.
Add Staff
Staff are members of your team you can add to your Alignable profile. Members of staff will be able to log in and manage your Alignable profile.
Face of the Business
Every profile will have a Face of the Business which is the primary account owner. The Face of Business will be the only business that will be allowed to deactivate the account.
Tags are keywords that can be used to describe your business and the services your business provides.
The tools tab on your profile is where you can find links and code snippets for Alignable badges for your website.
"My Accounts"
The My Accounts page is where you can sync all of the accounts that will help you find success on Alignable.
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