How do I add the Alignable widgets to my website?

To add the Alignable widget, or your "Recommended By Locals" / "Highly Recommended by Locals" Badge to your website, you need to copy the embed code from the Tools section of your profile page.

  1. Go to your business profile

    Go to your Business Profile by clicking on either My Business or the drop-down menu (▼) in the top right-hand corner of your screen by your profile picture/.

  2. Find the Tools page in the top ribbon navigation menu.

    Once on your profile, click on the Tools sub-navigation menu item 

  3. Find the badge you want to embed and copy the embed code.

    There you will see all of the Badges available to embed on your website - if you've unlocked your Highly Recommended Badge, you'll have the option to embed that as well! 

    From the Badges section, you can choose either the round or rectangular badge design and copy the code to add it to your website (or give it to your webmaster to add for you):


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