Event Host Process & Update 2024

Hosting an event on Alignable or in person is a great way to share your expertise, expand your network and grow your business by connecting and educating like minded business owners. This is a perk we offer for Group Leaders and Ambassadors only.

We know that extenuating circumstances can come up but we also want to ensure that members registering for events have the best experience possible.  Giving notice of scheduling changes and cancellations is one way to meet that goal so we are adopting the below guidelines to provide Hosts with a clear process to follow in the event of a need to reschedule or cancel an event to ensure that members registering for and planning to attend a hosted event  are given at least 24 hours advance notice of any scheduling changes or cancellations affecting hosted events.

Effective January 31st 2024, For each event hosted, all hosts must manually skip, cancel or reschedule upcoming events (as described below) with at least 24 hours email notice to the proper Alignable team (e.g, group leaders program or ambassador program leads) and by making an event announcement through the event management system to all registrants to make them aware of any change.

A Host’s failure to give the required notice to the registrants  and to the proper Alignable team,will be treated as a no-call/no-show by that Host and may provide grounds for removal of that Host’s hosting privileges. If there is an extenuating circumstance such as unforeseen accident, illness, natural disaster, power outage or anything of the like, the Host should reach out to the proper Alignable team to request review of those circumstances to determine if the failure to give the required notice will be excused or will count towards your no-call/no-show count for the year.

Similarly, a host having a personal emergency and needing to cancel an event within less than 24 hours notice and are not able to do so in-app, please email groupleaders@alignable.com to have the Alignable team assist  in finding a replacement host and/or canceling the event. Following this process in the event of a personal emergency will excuse the no-call/no-show up to  2 times in a one year period, otherwise the Host will be subject to host re-evaluation up to, and including your host privileges being revoked.

Using the Event Management System

  • For events that are recurring
    • Hosts should use the manage event modal to skip or reschedule any events not yet created in the series.
  • For all events
    • Hosts should go to the event details page and select edit event> delete or edit event> and change the date/time or location.
  • For non-recurring events
    • Notifications are sent out 7 days prior to the event, so, to ensure the best experience for attendees, the Host should make any modifications 8 days or more before the event is set to occur.
  • For In-Person events
    • Hosts must create all in-person events with the exact address of the venue/location. “TBD” or a general business name without the address will no longer be accepted.
  • Using announcements
    • For any events that are already created and need to be canceled or rescheduled, prior to deleting the event or changing the date/time or location the Host should use one of its event announcements to notify all registrants of this change.
    • If the Host has already used all announcements, the Host must contact the proper Alignable team to assist the Host in sending communication out to registrants.

Who do I notify?

Group leaders, Co-Leaders or Event Hosts should send an email to groupleaders@alignable.com. If a Host is able to find a replacement host for the event when a last minute conflict occurs, the Host must go to the registration list and click the 3 dots next to the person's name who has agreed to be a replacement Host and select Make Host.

Ambassadors or Co-Ambassadors should email alliance@alignable.com to notify the program managers.

For more information on how to properly manage events, please see the screenshots below.

For Skipping events in a recurrence that are not yet created, go to the groups tab > my events> click on the correct event and on your event details page click on the 3 dots next to the copy meeting link button.

Expand the menu and select Manage Events.

You can then skip or reschedule any upcoming events not yet created.

For Canceling or changing the date/time or location of an event, go to the groups tab > my events > click on the correct event and on your event details page select Edit Event.


Then you can delete, change the date/time or location of the event and click update at the bottom to save these changes.

*When changing any details of an event 7 days or less before the event is set to occur, you must use your event announcement to notify registrants of these changes.

For any questions/concerns please contact us at groupleaders@alignable.com or alliance@alignable.com 

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