Alignable Event Blueprint

Creating a well-planned and easy-to-understand event can considerably boost its appeal to your potential attendees. The way an event is presented, starting from the title to the detailed description, greatly influences the decision-making process of the target audience.

To assist in the success of your events on Alignable, we wanted to provide guidelines for optimal visualization, compelling event titles, and comprehensive event descriptions, to ensure consistency, convey a professional image, and boost the chances of registration. The success of any event heavily depends on these elements and our event blueprint is precisely designed to maximize this opportunity.

So let's get started!

We have broken down best practices for all of our current primary event categories.


Suggestions for creating and choosing event graphics text

  • Focus on what sets your event apart.
  • What can attendees expect to gain from attending your event?
  • Who will attendees be meeting with?
  • What topics will they discuss?
  • Try to limit the amount of text to around a sentence
  • Try not to duplicate writing that’ll be shown alongside your event graphic.
  • This includes the title of the event, the date/time, who the host is, and/or the location.
  • Don’t use the limited space you have to try and explain what the format of your event is.
    • This information will be displayed somewhere else on the page or in your event description.
  • The event image you choose should tell us what your event is about.
    • This’ll make sure that you get people who are actually interested in the subject of the event, not just meeting as many people as they can.

Image Dimensions

Uploading images that are 580 x 360 will allow for the best results and least amount of repositioning. Make sure to use the scaling tool to center the image and size it to fit comfortably.

Image Selection

When searching for an image it is important to remember there are many free tools and resources you can use to find and create great, unlicensed event images. 

Depending on what type of event you are running, there will be different best practices for what you want your image to convey. We have highlighted the 4 primary event types on Alignable below and shared some examples for what to keep in mind when uploading your event image.




Image Do’s  ✅ Image Don’ts 🚫
Clean, clear images with minimal text Busy graphics with multiple CTA’s and event details or vague images
1 Primary font style Multiple Fonts for each text line
Consistent color pallet Each line of text has a different color
No more than 1-2 Font Sizes with a 14+ point text font

Different size font for every line, below 10 point or above 32 point font


Event Descriptions

Event descriptions should highlight who it's for and the value proposition should be built into the title. It should be short and exciting. It also needs to be able to create instant value to be set apart from all the other potential events members can join.

Using ChatGPT is a great assistant to coming up with relevant titles that connect with your target audience. Below is a prompt you can put into ChatGPT and by putting the correct info into the parentheses you will be able to come up with winning titles!
Prompt: Generate a compelling event title for business owners .Make it short and concise .This event is a {event type} about {topic if applicable) for business owners in the {name of industry} industry.

Smart Connect℠
Smart Connect℠ should only be in the name when running a traditional Smart Connect℠ Networking event (A breakout with 6 or more breakout sessions) . This ensures members get the right notification when they register and know what to expect from the event. If you are running a different variation of a networking event or want to do a hybrid event where you have no breakout sessions of fewer than 6, you can still run your networking event using the Alignable Video platform, just click on the Smart Connect℠ option in the event creation model but do not include Smart Connect℠ in the name of your event.

Screen Shot 2024-03-25 at 1.38.09 PM.pngScreen Shot 2024-03-25 at 1.37.53 PM.png
ChatGPT Example Descriptions:

Smart Connect℠

Join us for a Smart Connect℠ Networking event to create valuable connections with other {Industry/Affinity/} professionals.

During this hour you will connect 1:1 in virtual breakout rooms with 6-8 different business owners.

Register now to expand your network, enhance your business’s visibility, and make more meaningful connections with the people you want to meet.


Join us for an insightful educational webinar tailored for business owners in the marketing industry, keen on understanding and mastering the art of lead generation.

By attending, you'll receive valuable strategies and tools to boost your client outreach and increase your business's growth.

Don't miss out, secure your spot today and revolutionize your lead generation technique!

Hybrid: Education + Networking

Join us for our Smart Connect℠ networking event, designed exclusively for business owners in the marketing industry!

We will start the hour with education on marketing for your target audience all centered around building trust not selling.

Then you will meet with 3-4 marketing professionals in 1:1 breakout sessions to help grow your network.

Register today and propel your business forward

Alliance In-Person

Join us for an exclusive Alliance Networking Event specially crafted for local Boston business owners from all industries.

Gain invaluable insights and build strategic partnerships as you connect with peers navigating similar business challenges.

Don't miss out on this chance to expand your network—Secure your spot today!

Event Success

Hosting events is an excellent way to extend your reach, build brand visibility, and connect directly with your potential customers, peers, or referral partners on Alignable.

Remember to plan thoroughly for your event, interact and engage with attendees, and follow-up post-event to maintain a strong relationship with your audience. Don't ignore the benefits of networking and take advantage of all the communication channels available for promotion.

These best practices will not only help you capitalize on these opportunities but will also foster further growth for your business.

As you plan, execute, and follow-up on your events, ensure every step aligns with these practices to bring you the most impactful results.

All hosts must manually skip, cancel or reschedule upcoming events with at least 24 hours notice. This must also be sent as an event announcement so that registrants are aware of this change. 


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