How do I deactivate my address books connected to Alignable?

If you are looking to have the address book you previously connected to Alignable deactivated and removed from your account, it is very easy to do. Simply click on the button below and fill out the form for our support team to deactivate the book for you.

  Deactivate My Address Book

What happens when I deactivate my address book?

Here are some common questions we hear regarding deactivating connected address books:

What happens to invitations sent?

Deactivating your address book will stop any invitations that have not yet been sent from being sent. Invitations that were already sent, will stay in the inbox of the recipient. If the recipient has a profile on Alignable, this will translate into a connection request. If this person does not have an Alignable profile, this will be an invitation to join the site. 

What happens to my connections?

The connections resulting from these invitations will stay as connections. If you do not want to keep any of these connections, you can see how to remove a connection in this help center article

How can I access the list of people who received an invite from me?

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to determine a list of exactly who these invites were sent to. You can see which address book was synced on your Accounts Page. The people in this address book would be the ones who were invited. The system tries to filter by people who have domain names that appear to be businesses so this is a good starting point. 

Will Alignable be able to get in touch with people in your address book after it has been deactivated?

Alignable will not be able to reach anyone in your address book after deactivating your address book. Alignable requires your authorization to make any changes to your account and un-syncing your address book revokes this permission. 

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