I'm not getting Alignable emails, how do I troubleshoot?

Step by Step Troubleshooting Instructions: 

  1. Please allow up to 5-10 minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox.
  2. If you are active on Alignable, you may not receive the email notification as you are already in the app.  For example a connection request you've already accepted. 
  3. Check Junk/Spam or any other folders you may have set up within your inbox. (If using Gmail, check “Social” or “Promotions”)
  4. Confirm you are checking the correct email inbox, which can be verified in your Account Settings page.
  5. Search for Alignable in the search bar of your inbox or look for emails from the email domain @email.alignable.com
  6. If you do not find the email in your inbox, please add the domain @email.alignable.com to your contact list within your email provider and check back regularly.
  7. Users with private business email domains can sometimes block Alignable communications. To fix this you will need to change the email associated with your account to a public domain email, such as a Gmail HERE.
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