Change the Category or Industry of Your Business on Alignable

If the category or industry assigned to your business is incorrect, you can update your category or industry by updating your category tag on your business profile.

Category tags not only help everyone understand who you are and what you do but, by keeping your tags up to date, you are making it easier for other businesses to find you. Additionally, it helps Alignable's algorithms show your business to more relevant potential partners or clients.

Click Here to update your business category tag.

To update or change your existing Category Tag on a desktop or laptop device:

  1. Go To Your Business Profile

    Go to your business profile by clicking on the My Business (▼) dropdown on the top-right section of the site. Then click Visit My Business Profile.


  2. Click Edit Profile

    Once on your business profile, select the button at the top of the page that reads Edit Profile, beneath your logo:


  3. Update Your Category & Featured Tags

    • After clicking Edit Profile, a popup will open. Scroll to the Category Tag section to start updating your category tag.

    • Click X to delete an existing tag and start typing what you'd like to change your category to. You can update Featured tags in the same place.

    When thinking about what Category Tag or Featured Tags to add, think about your Category Tag as your main Category or Industry, and Featured Tags as what you specialize in within that category. For example, a Real Estate Agent who specialized in Residential or Commercial Real Estate.


    When updating your category tag, you can write in whatever you'd like, or select from the dropdown suggestions. To save a custom category tag, press Enter on your keyboard after typing your custom tag. Featured tags can only be updated by using the dropdown options.


  4. Save Your Changes

    Scroll down to the bottom of the popup window and click Save to update your Category Tag.

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