I was automatically logged out of my account

Generally, Alignable signs out users for security reasons.  You may also be signed out of your account if your cache/browser history is cleared or the proper cookies are not stored. 

The most common reason why you could have been logged out of your account is due to failing to confirm a security code when trying to update account information such as your email address or business name. 

If you were logged out of your account you will be able to login via the email we will send you to auto-login to your email and reset a password. 

Identity verification is a feature which requires you to verify ownership of your account in order to edit your account settings, users, or profile details by entering a code that Alignable will send to your email address. The email we send to you containing the code will also contain a link which you can click to indicate whether or not it was you who requested edit access. 

To learn more about the Identity Verification Feature, Click HERE.




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