What do I do if I have been contacted by a spammer/scammer?

If you ever receive a direct message on Alignable from another member that you think is suspicious, inappropriate, spam, or abusive, please let us know!

You can report a spammer or a scammer by:

1. Flag the User

  • Flag a message from a user in the email or via DM (inappropriate or spam) by: 
    1. Clicking "Messages" located at the top menu bar 
    2. Finding the messenger's name 
    3. Clicking the message 
    4. Clicking the three dots (...) on the upper right corner of the message 
    5. Clicking Flag as Spam or Flag as Inappropriate 

2. Report the Member

  • You can report a business and share any further information you may have by filling out this form here: Report a Business on Alignable to notify Alignable's Trust & Safety team of the issue.  We will take action within 24 hours of receiving the form. 

3. Block the Member (after reporting)

  • Lastly, you can block the user so that they will not be able to contact you, refer you, or recommend you.
    1. Click on the message icon in the top ribbon navigation menu
    2. Find the member/conversation that you would like to block
    3. Click into the message
    4. Click the 3 dots (...) to the right of the member name
    5. Click ∅ Block Business
    6. A Popup will appear: Are you sure you want to block this business? You will no longer receive messages from them.
    7. Click OK
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