How do I Refer My Connections to Others on Alignable?

Referrals are about helping others succeed.

If a business owner or a customer shares they are experiencing a problem that your business does not solve, you should immediately refer them to someone you trust who can help them solve that problem. 

By helping them become successful, you will establish your business in their mind as positive and trustworthy. As a result, chances are that they'll want to return the favor by either helping you in the future or by referring your business to someone they come across who has a need for your products and services.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Go to the Network tab located on the top ribbon on the screen
  2. Click on Connections located on the left side menu bar
  3. Find the business or person you want to refer
  4. Click the Refer button to the right of their profile (underneath the Message button)
  5. Type the email of the person who you are sending the referral to
  6. Add a personal message of why you are referring this business
  7. Click the Send Referral button

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