Deceased Alignable Member - Removing Profile

Unfortunately, there may be a time when you come across the profile of a colleague, coworker, or loved one who has passed away. If this happens, we can remove their profile from view on your behalf.

We'll need you to gather:

  1. The member's name
  2. The name of the business the member was a part of.
  3. The URL to their Alignable profile.
  4. Your relationship with them. 
  5. Member's email address. 
  6. The date they passed away. 
  7. Link to the obituary. 
  8. The company they most recently worked at. 

To start this process, please answer some questions about the person who has passed away by filling out this form.

Or email us the necessary information at with the information attached and we will have the profile removed as soon as possible.

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