How do I Cancel my Paid Expert Group Membership?

Please Note

  • This article is intended for paid subscribers who are looking to cancel their membership in a paid group. If you are looking to cancel your paid membership subscription, you can learn how to do so here.

  • When you cancel your membership to a paid expert group, you will retain your paid benefits until the end of your billing cycle.



To downgrade your expert group membership, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Group Page of the Expert Group you'd like to cancel

  2. On the left hand side of the Group Page you will find Manage Group Settings

  3. Click Manage Group Settings

  4. Click Cancel Expert Group Membership to fully cancel your group membership and stop any further subscription charges.

  5. A pop up will appear to confirm your cancellation - Click YES to confirm cancellation
  6. It will ask for feedback on why you are cancelling your membership to the group. Enter all that apply
  7. Click Confirm & Submit Cancellation
  8. A cancellation confirmation will pop up.

  9. You will keep your paid benefits until the end of your current billing period which is shown on the confirmation pop up. At that point, your access to the group will end.

Video Tutorial

Please note, refunds are not automatic and are only available upon request within 5 days of billing date. 

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