What should I do when another business recommends me?

If another local business recommends you, there are a few different actions you can take.

  1. Say thanks with a personalized message: When a business recommends you, they are showing their network that they trust you and your abilities. It is always nice to send a quick note of appreciation.  How to Send a Message to Your Connections?

  2. Recommend them back: If a business has recommended you, chances are you have worked with them in some capacity. If you think they are an awesome business, recommend them back! This is not only a great way to say thank you, but also will help strengthen your relationship and will help you gain new referrals. How Do I Recommend Another Business?

  3. Interact with their content: Share one of their promotions or services or interact with a question they posted  or a comment they made. 


Feel free to pick one of these options or do all three. It is a great way to show your appreciate, nurture your relationships, and gain trusted referrals. 

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