How do I host a virtual event in an Alignable Group?

What are virtual events?

As a Group Leader or a Premium+ member you can create and host online virtual events and invite group members as guests. Using Virtual Events, you can help your group members build relationships beyond your group's feed through face-to-face conversations, discussions, and online conferences, further enhancing your community and your member's ability to grow their businesses through networking with their peers.

What types of events could you host?

Some examples of the events you can host within your group are: 

  • Smart Connects
  • Ask Me Anything ('AMAs') 
  • Expert Panels valuable to your group members.  
  • Masterclasses for group members to show expertise, skills, and knowledge.
  • & More!

How to create a virtual event on Alignable?

To create a virtual event, please follow these steps: 

  1. Find and Access your Alignable Group.

    Log into your Alignable account, access your group by going to My Groups.

  2. Start Creating Your Event

    Start creating your event by clicking Write a Post

    Then click Add an Event to start creating your virtual event.

  3. Select Your Event Type

    You'll be presented with three options for the types of events you can post:

    • SmartConnect: These breakout room-style virtual events are a game changer.
    • Virtual Events: Events you can use to meet virtually online over video. 
    • In-Person Events: Get together with people at a specific location.

  4. Fill Out Your Event Details

    Fill out your virtual event's details including:

    • Event Title
    • Featured Image
    • The time & date of the event
    • Choose if you want this to be a recurring event or a one-time occurrence
    • Event description and details

  5. Finish & Publish Your Event

    Finally, click Post to publish your event.

Once you publish the event, your event will appear in your group's feed, and your group's members will receive a special email with an announcement of the new event with an opportunity to register.

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