Creating new groups on Alignable.

Alignable Groups are great for all kinds of business and interest groups. Whether you’re interested in creating a group for an existing organization, (chamber, BNI, Local First, Pinnacle Networking, etc) or if you want to connect with businesses with similar interests, (e.g. other web designers who use WordPress), it’s all fair game. Here is how you can create a group on Alignable:

  1. Open the My Business (▼) dropdown.

    Log into your Alignable account and open the My Business (▼) dropdown in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  2. Click on My Groups

    In the dropdown, find and click on My Groups.

  3. Click Create New Group

    To create your group, click Create New Group at the top of the page to start filling out your group details and information. 

  4. Fill in your group's details.

    A popup will open where you will be able to start filling out your new group's details. Fill out the required information listed below:

    • Group Name - e.g. Tax Accountant Support Group
    • Description - Outline why the group exists and who the group is for. Share a clear vision to potential members, the problems it hopes to solve, and relationships it hopes to build.
    • Featured Image - Upload a 275 x 170px featured image for your group.
    • Privacy Setting - Select Public if you want your group and its posts to be found by Alignable members and non Alignable members via search engines. Select Restricted if you want only Alignable members to see who is in the group and read posts, or select Private if you want only group members to see who is in the group and read posts.
    • Join Method - Select whether you want your group to be open for anyone to join, or if you want it to be invite-only.
    • Who can post - Select who within groups can post. Either all group members or just those members that have been given moderator permissions.
  5. Create your group's rules and guidelines. 

    Create clear community guidelines and rules to outline the expectations for how group members should interact within the group. Be clear about the behavior you expect from your members. Guidelines prevent anyone from ruining the experience for others. They also clearly state upfront that anyone who breaks the rules will be asked to leave. Keep your guidelines simple (No spamming, be kind, be generous, only share relevant content, etc.

    Here are some suggested rules and guidelines for your group: 

    • No self-promotion or spamming
    • Do not use obscene or inflammatory language or hate speech.
    • Be kind and respectful at all times.
    Learn here how to add or edit your group's rules and guidelines
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