Alignable Groups - Overview

What are Alignable groups?

Alignable Groups is a great place to network with other small business owners in your area, in your industry, or with similar interests to discuss and share experiences, customer referrals, advice, insights, and more!

On Alignable, there are different types of groups. By default, you'll join a community group with all of the other small businesses in your area based on the business address you listed on your profile. However, you can also join industry or affinity groups, or you can create your own group based on any topics of interest!

How to find and join a group?

You can find and join groups by going to the Find Groups page. There you can search for groups by Suggested, Popular, Industry, or recently created groups, as well as, groups your connections are in.

Once you find the right group, simply click "join" or "request to join" the group and agree to the group's terms and guidelines. You can find a step by step of this process here: 

How to find and join groups on Alignable?

How do I create my own group?

Creating a group is easy! Go to My Business > My Groups > Create a new group. You can find more detailed instructions here

For more detailed guides on how to create and manage a group, see the articles linked below:

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