Fake Phishing Email Impersonating Alignable - "Action Needed (Account Suspended)" - Nov 19th, 2020

Some users have reached out to us, saying that they’ve received an email claiming that their account was "suspended." After conducting an investigation, we have determined this is a fake phishing email scam and did not come from Alignable. If you received the email pictured below we have detailed some advice on how to proceed. 


What should I do if I received this email?

  1. DO NOT CLICK any links in the email. 
  2. Forward the email to phishing@alignable.com
  3. Delete the email. 

What should I do if I clicked on something in the suspicious email?

  • Change your Alignable password to something unique and strong. 
  • Change your password on other websites where this same login information is used. 
  • If you entered any personal or financial information, reach out to your financial provider as your information may have been compromised. 

How can I ensure my information is protected?

  • Always be wary of requests via email asking for personal information. 
  • NEVER provide personal information or financial information via email. 
  • Check the email and mailing address of the sender. 
  • Hover over links to check the URLs and ensure they are going where they are supposed to. 
  • Install anti-virus software to aid in guarding your devices and personal information. 
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