How to post a new Local Discussion?

Click Here to go to your community's local discussion page to ask a new question.

If you are looking to start a discussion in your local community, you can do so by following these steps: 

  1. Go to the My Community page by clicking My Community in the top navigation menu. 


  2. Click on Local Discussions on the left-hand side menu. 


  3. Click on the text box at the top with the placeholder Start a discussion or ask a question...


  4. Type in your question and a brief description. 


  5. Once posted, our team of moderators will review your question to ensure it complies with our Advice Forum Etiquette, Guidelines, and Best Practices.

    Once approved, it will be sent to member businesses in your local community. Once members from your community have been notified of your question, we'll let you know if they post any answers via your Notifications.


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