My Canadian postal code is not being accepted by Alignable.

When looking to sign up for Alignable, or changing the address of your business on your profile, you may be presented with an error stating that we cannot accept your postal code. This article is meant to help you troubleshoot this problem.

Why isn't my postal code being accepted?

Alignable bases our database of Canadian postal codes and U.S. zip codes based on Google Maps and their API. This simply means that if your postal code cannot currently be found in Google Maps, it will not be in our database.

How do I troubleshoot this problem?

  1. Start by trying to add your postal code with no spaces in between.

    Canadian postal codes are written with two, three character sets (E.g. M6E 1A5). However, U.S. zip codes are just one character set. Because of this difference, our database may still recognize your postal code if you try using it with no spaces (E.g. M6E1A5).

  2. If step #1 does not work, we'll need to add your postal code to our database manually.

    To have your postal code added to our database so that you can use it to sign up or change your address on Alignable, please complete this form.

    Add My Postal Code
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