Q&A Forum is now Advice

Alignable’s Q&A Forum is now called Advice. It’s a place to get help from your peers and industry experts who can help your business. You can also offer your expert advice to others. It’s a great way for small businesses to empower each other, and to boost their reach and credibility.

What's New

For member businesses who use and love the Alignable Q&A Forum, here’s some of what has changed:

  • It’s easier to find the answers you’re looking for. With millions of answers from small business owners, there’s a lot of advice on the topics you need to take your business to the next level.

    Type your questions or keywords into the Search bar at the top of the Advice page to find existing posts, or ask a new question, which our team will review and help to distribute to the right businesses to answer it.


  • You have more control over what you see. Customize the questions, answers, and articles in your Feed and in your emailed digest by following topics. Pick from general topics, or click on topic tags (shown below) to visit a more specific topic page and click “Follow”. 
  • See questions and answers from businesses like yours. You have a lot of expertise to offer, and there are businesses in your industry and related industries that could learn from your advice, and vice versa.

    If the category tag shown on your “Asked by” and “Answered by” feeds does not accurately describe your business, you can update it here.

Using Your Advice Feed

Advice is great for helping others, and for showcasing your expertise. The great answers you give will show on your business profile and can generate new interest in the products and services you offer by increasing your visibility.

Navigate Advice using the left-hand menu.

  • Find Advice - Your Advice home, where you can search, see recent and popular questions from topics you follow, and questions that were asked and answered by small business owners and employees like you.

  • My Feed - Your feed of questions, customized by topics that you follow. Customize the topics that you follow by clicking on a topic tag (to follow or unfollow from the topic page) or clicking on the topics you follow link. Sort by Recent, Popular, or Unanswered in the upper right-hand corner.

  • My Advice - Here you can find all of the questions you’ve asked and answers you’ve given, sorted chronologically. It’s a great place to revisit some of the advice you’ve received, or share out some of the awesome answers you’ve written.

  • Brand Ratings & Reviews - If you’re looking for a new brand to use for your business (from Accounting to Marketing Automation to Website), it can be overwhelming to choose. Alignable’s Brand Ratings and Review can help you narrow down your options based on feedback from other small businesses, and you can rate brands to help others based on your experiences.

  • Alignable Blog - The Small Business Beat is a place to find more articles and resources about word-of-mouth marketing, networking, and more, curated by the Alignable team.

You can leave your questions and your feedback here.

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