Managing a Premium Membership as a Team

How premium connection credits work as a team?

When you create an account for your business, the profile you receive is meant to represent your business. The same applies when you upgrade to a paid membership. Your membership would be for your business and not the individuals, or team members, who are a part of that business.

What this means, essentially, is that if you have more than one team member as a part of a business account on Alignable, all team members share in on those benefits. For example, our Regional / Premium membership comes with 40 connection credits per month. Because the entire business receives 40 connection credits, any team member who sends a connection request will use one of the 40 credits.


We do not suggest that you create an account for each individual team member. This would cause your business to be listed more than once and can cause confusion among other businesses when searching for, or deciding to work with your business.

If you have multiple team members, we recommend that you upgrade to the next plan tier, depending on what you need. Verified comes with 15 monthly credits, Premium comes with 40 credits and Premium Plus has 105 credits. Learn more about each membership plan here.

How do we recommend you manage Premium as a team? 

There are many ways you can use Premium Subscriptions as a team. A great way is to divide business-to-business relationship-building responsibilities. Including:

  • Identifying who to connect with and why. This person would own connection credits.
  • Managing the relationship-building process with the goal of building trust. Including managing new connections, checking-in with those connections, scheduling meetings for coffee, and sending and exchanging referrals. 
  • Asking and answering questions in the Advice section to show your business' expertise in your industry. Helping your business attract people interested in the services that you offer.
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