Can I show that my business has more than one location?

Because Alignable is a local small business network, each business and its profile is meant to represent one business and one location for that business. Doing so maintains the locality of the network and avoids the situation of someone not actually being local within the community they are assigned to.

How to list your multiple locations on Alignable?

In the scenario that your business has multiple locations, we recommend the following options:

  1. Detail your business locations in the About Us section of their profile.
  2. Create separate accounts for each location and ask your managers of those locations to represent your business in that local community. We don't recommend creating a second account for another location if someone will not be actively networking with that account, because if someone tries to connect with you or ask to meet in person, it will be difficult for you to do so.

Upgrading to Premium to connect beyond your local area:

Now, if you were planning on networking to grow locally, as well as, within the areas of those separate locations, consider keeping just one account, and upgrading it to Premium, as it allows you to network with businesses beyond your local area.

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