People I know are receiving invites to join Alignable - how do I stop further invites?

If people in your email address book are receiving email invitations to join Alignable, it means that you sent them invitations from an address book you’d previously imported.

When you import an address book, you are presented with an option to first Connect with those in your address book who are already members. You can choose to either skip this step or connect with one or more of the members shown. After this step, on a separate screen, you are presented with an option to invite business owners who are not yet members of Alignable.

On this second screen, when you click the option to "Add All", the system sends an invite email to all on the list.

While invitation emails cannot be unsent, you can have your address book deactivated so no more invitations or follow up invitations get sent out. We also filter out people that may not be associated with businesses so your entire address book will not be invited.

To deactivate your address book, simply ask Alignabot:

alignabot_logoAlignabot, Deactivate My Address Book

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