How Premium helps you get more clients.

If you are really serious about building relationships that can get you more clients, you’ll really want to upgrade to Premium to expand your networking abilities. And it's just $30.00 a month.

It's a membership plan meant for businesses that want to:

  • ... do business with other businesses beyond their local area.

  • ... increase the visibility of their business and its products, services, and advice posts.

  • ... increase the degree of trust you project to other businesses and potential clients.

  • ... use data to make better networking decisions.

Here’s how you can get more clients with Premium:

Introduce yourself to more businesses, in more places.
  • With Premium, you can introduce yourself to an additional 30 businesses for a total of 40 connection credits per month. You also expand your Networking Radius from the closest 500 businesses to the closest 50,000 businesses, allowing you to connect with more businesses in more places.
Increase your business visibility.
  • Use 2 Search Tags to rank higher in Alignable search results.
  • The content Premium members share, including services, events, and advice gets prioritized to be shown to more businesses.
You'll be able to see...
  • Who is sharing or referring your business with others through likes, shares, and recommendations.
  • Who is visiting and showing interest in your business profile.
  • How much search engine traffic your Alignable profile is generating for your business.

See all of what Premium has to offer here.

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